Palmii® Portable Folding Wrist Rest

Redefining Ergonomics

Compact folding wrist rest for working or gaming on the go

Relief. Anywhere.

From pocket to table in 2 seconds flat.

Ergonomic & Ambidextrous

The carpal bones form an arch, referred to as the carpal tunnel, where various nerves and muscle tendons pass. Repetitive compression may cause pain and discomfort in this region. Palmii® alleviates compression in the heel of your palm.

Detachable LSR Pad

Strength, durability, biocompatibility, and superior tolerance to extreme temperature are some reasons why Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) was our choice. Our dishwasher-safe pad is detachable so you can change and upgrade one part at a time.

Rigid Folding Base

Polypropylene allowed our team to design a living hinge into the center of the device giving Palmii® its proprietary folding characteristic. Concealed magnets keep it closed while you're travelling. Optional low friction feet let our wrist rest glide like it's on ice.

Make It Yours

Detachable pads let you switch up colours to fit your style.

 Palmii® Portable Folding Wrist Rest

Redefining Ergonomics

The past decade has seen growth in different work models including work-from home, hoteling, and hybrid models in which people may change the location of their workspace frequently. It is more critical than ever that people can transition between various work environments, some of which may be non-traditional. This evolution to a fluid work environment will exacerbate ergonomic problems as it is typically not possible to transport ergonomic equipment from space to space.

Palmii® is a compact solution that addresses the root cause of this potentially serious issue.

Did we mention it's portable?

Never lug around a gel mouse pad, or jerry-rig, something on the go again! Our proprietary design folds up and stays secured when not in use, making it highly portable. In addition, built-in neodymium magnets keep Palmii® closed and more compact than your favourite wireless earbud case.

 Palmii® Portable Folding Wrist Rest
 Palmii® Portable Folding Wrist Rest

Low Friction Feet

Optional low friction feet allow Palmii® to glide over any surface with ease. Made from polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), the same low friction material as the feet on the bottom of your mouse.

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