Corporate Gifts & Special Requests

We offer several customizations like Pantone matching, ultra-fine detail laser engraving, and more. Our talented team will ensure your ideas are brought to life and still retain the versatility and durability that Palmii® is known for.


Pantone® Matching

To deliver the unique colour of your brand, we offer professional Pantone® conversion and matching services. Simply send us the Pantone colour code coinciding with your brand. If you are not sure of your colour code then you can send the colour data (HEX/RGB/CMYK) or media you would like to use and we will be happy to generate a match. Colour matching material can be applied to both the folding base and silicone pad of our Palmii® Portable Folding Wrist Rest.

Laser Engraving

Palmii® Portable Folding Wrist Rest

Laser engraving is a fast and effective way to add fine recessed relief graphics to Palmii®. We can integrate ultra-high detail graphics, text, logos, and more. Cost-effective and permanent, add laser engraving to your custom Palmii® order for added branding.

TexturingPalmii® Portable Folding Wrist Rest

Texturing the top of our silicone pad is possible using the laser engraving method mentioned above. This is a more intensive process and requires a confirmation procedure. Our team will perform a rigorous analysis to approve your desired texturing additions for manufacturabilityOnce manufacturability is confirmed our designers will draft a physically-based render for your approval

Durometer Hardness Adjustment

Palmii® serves demanding applications across many fields such as graphic design, CAD & CAM, Stenography, Dentistry, Machining, Engineering,  and more. We can accommodate use cases requiring diverse silicone pad shore durometer specifications ranging from 05A to 50A. 

Our Story

Palmii® was proudly designed, prototyped, and tested in Canada by Muskoka Research Inc. Our folding base and silicone pad are manufactured in the United States with our magnets, low friction PTFE feet & packaging produced in Canada. All of the raw materials used during the manufacturing and assembly process are recyclable and sourced from suppliers in Canada and the United States. Palmii® is solely owned by, and a registered Trademark of, Muskoka Research Inc.

Palmii® Portable Folding Wrist Rest

While working in the graphic design industry, which required constant workplace changes, our founder grew frustrated with the lack of portable mouse pads and wrist rests available on the market.

"Working from four or five different locations in a week has become commonplace. Before we created Palmii®, I found myself constantly trying to find, or make, solutions to work more comfortably on the go."

- Founder

Palmii® Portable Folding Wrist Rest

Frickin' Laser Beams

Palmii® was developed utilizing Formlabs® Stereolithography (SLA) 3D printers. This photochemical process cures liquid resins with an ultra violet laser beam resulting in engineering grade prototypes that simulate real-world manufacturing materials.


Our base was developed with engineering resins, simulating the strength and durability of polypropylene. The elastic resins used to prototype our silicone pad simulates liquid silicone rubber (LSR).

Palmii® Portable Folding Wrist Rest

Designed to take a punch

The abuse Palmii® was developed to withstand throughout its service life cannot be understated. We wanted to ensure it retained its durability whether in-use or folded for transport and storage. Hinge integrity, among many other aspects, was paramount to our design and tested rigorously so you don't have to worry.

Over 1,000,000 folds & counting